sATURDAY, sept. 28

11AM - 3PM

Pig Races

3 or 4 times a day these world famous pigs will tear up the track as the crowd cheers. This is not to be confused with Churchill Downs. The pigs are somewhat smaller than horses and a lot funnier. Next door, they have pony rides, a 100 animal petting zoo, and a giant pig. These swift swine will entertain young and old.

White Tiger Display

There has not been a white tiger born in the wild since 1958. Doesn't mean it hasn't happened but nobody's seen it because its one in every ten thousand births. So when you only have 2500 animals in the wild it could be centuries before you see it on your own. Come see them at the Georgia State Fair.

Jurassic Kingdom Dinosaur Show

URASSIC KINGDOM is a full blown dinosaur show that is a perfect mix of entertainment and education. Join us for some "EDU-TAINMENT" as you learn about these prehistoric creatures in a fun way. Experience the giant dinosaurs as they come to life, touching and interacting with them throughout the show!

Through this fun demonstration of the fossils you'll learn about various dinosaurs.

  • Fossils claw from a Baryonyx

  • Skull from a Coelophysis

  • Cast of a foot print from a Ornithopod

  • Egg of a Triceratops

  • Tooth of a Megalodon


Baby calves, goats, pigs, burros, buffaloes, and miniature horses vie for the attention of their young feeders. Kids pet these adorable babies one on one. This is something most kids can never hope to do in modern times. Don’t let them miss out on it!

Hollywood Circus

The Circus Hollywood; back again for another year. Full of family entertainment, the circus includes acrobats, animals, stunts, clowns, and much more!
Coronas family are 4th generation of circus performers working in Europe until 1951 bringing their show to America in 1952. Going strong after 60 years and still innovating and bringing the highest quality shows and equipment to the American Public.

Featured in the 2003 movie “Big Fish” with Danny Devito, Jessica Lange, Albert Finney and Ewan McGregor, Directed by Tim Burton where Coronas family circus provided all circus acts, animals and equipment as well as providing circus technical support

pony Rides

Pony rides are offered for $5 per ride.

aquatic acrobatic show

5 generations of the most talented performers, will absolutely amaze you. featuring word class acts, springboard maneuver, living mermaids, aqua bola feats, even a Jet Ski!

This unique water stage production, is Modern, Magical, and Magnificent.... But Most of All its Memorable.

Butterfly encounter

The Butterfly Encounter is not only an interactive, walk-through exhibit, but it also provides educational demonstrations. Visitors will get to see the life cycle of a butterfly from the egg to the adult butterfly. They will also get to learn how to fix a broken wing.

Rhinestone Roper

Presented under the big top, the Rhinestone Roper will demonstrate his unique skills in a show complete with horse tricks, fast draws, trick shooting, knife throwing, and rope tricks.  Highlighting the show is the death-defying “wheel of fate”, a performance featuring the Rhinestone Roper throwing knives and breaking balloons placed around his assistant placed on a spinning wheel!

A Grizzly Experience

Grizzly Experience is an Educational Grizzly Bear show and Exhibit. We bring an in depth up close and personal look into the life of North Americas’ most prestigious predator, the Alaskan Grizzly Bear.

Banana Derby

Bring your family to the festival to watch America’s favorite monkey jockeys: Bobo and Giligan T. Monkey race during the Banana Derby. The Banana Derby is a favorite attraction that features Capuchin monkeys riding dogs like jockeys, while the dogs race. The show features multiple races and audience participation. If you love animals it’s a must-see!

Gran'pa cratchet

Granpa’s stage show is an authentic reproduction of a real building, only miniature, made just the right size for the kids. The top of the building opens up and you’ve got yourself 20 minutes of the best slapstick, audience participation, family entertainment around. The show gets started with Ace the silly announcer. Then you’ll see lots of action with characters like a pig named Root who is struck by lightening and is transformed into Root the Wonder Pig. You’ll also meet Spike the Porcupine and Fearful the Possum.

2019-10-05-06 - UCW SuperClash Fair Spot
universal championship wrestling

October 5th and 6th - 2pm Bell Time.

Culinary Fight Night


- 8-10 teams of chefs chosen from local restaurants
- Chefs will supply at least 300 samples of at least one signature appetizer
- Competitors are asked to arrive with finished dishes. ready for
- Guests will mingle. sample appetizers from each chef then vote for their favorite chef/restaurant
- The 2 chefs/restaurants with the most votes will advance to the finale
- Tickets: $10 per person


- 2 Chefs (both finalists from Grand Tasting)
- 2 teams of sous (3 ppl per team)
- 5 celebrity judges
- 6 course gourmet plated dinner
- Each chefs will create a 3 course menu (app. entree and dessert)
and supply food
- Ticketed guests will vote on ingredients via the CFN website.
- Each team will prepare menus for audience at home restaurant or
venue (as if for a banquet)
- Each team leader will prepare menus live on stage forjudges on
stage (“boxing ring”)
- Audience and Judges will eat. critique and score each dish
- Chef with the highest score will win $2,500
- Tickets: $35 per person


Georgia State Fair

1500 US 19, Hampton, GA 30228

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