Lady Houdini

Lady Houdini struggles to escape from chains, handcuffs, and padlocks in an underwater cell for several minutes.

Lady Houdini, the name given to Kristen Johnson by an Inside Edition producer at CBS Studios in New York has definitely stuck. Especially since she brokerage immortal Harry Houdini's record for the most Water Torture Cell escapes ever performed, which historians and magic aficionados worldwide estimate to be just over one thousand.


She broke Houdini’s record in 2012 as she has successfully performed her 1,001st public escape during the Georgia State Fair at the Atlanta Speedway. She is currently over 2,600 attempts and counting.

White Tiger Display

There has not been a white tiger born in the wild since 1958. Doesn't mean it hasn't happened but nobody's seen it because its one in every ten thousand births. So when you only have 2500 animals in the wild it could be centuries before you see it on your own. Come see them at the Georgia State Fair.

pony Rides

Pony rides are offered for $7 per ride.

Bohm Magic Show

Magician Bob Bohm presents his fun filled magic shows that is jam packed with lots of audience participation, baffling magic, live animals and side splitting humor that’s designed to delight and amaze.

Benjamin Jackson Hypnotist Show

A mesmerizing display of the power of suggestion, and the mysteries of the mind with lots of comedy, and music by master comedy hypnotist Benjamin Jackson

Pig Races
Pig Races

3 or 4 times a day these world famous pigs will tear up the track as the crowd cheers. This is not to be confused with Churchill Downs. The pigs are somewhat smaller than horses and a lot funnier. Next door, they have pony rides, a 100 animal petting zoo, and a giant pig. These swift swine will entertain young and old.

Wolf Show.jpg
Wolves of the World

This beautiful show demonstrates natural behaviors of wolves, their alertness, pack structure, ability in climbing, jumping and a whole lot more.

The show feature demonstrations of natural animal behavior, wildlife and environmental conservation, the do's and dont's of human interaction with wild animals, while demonstrating the old-fashioned value of our ancestors who founded our great country.


Baby calves, goats, pigs, burros, buffaloes, and miniature horses vie for the attention of their young feeders. Kids pet these adorable babies one on one. This is something most kids can never hope to do in modern times. Don’t let them miss out on it!

Hollywood Circus

The Circus Hollywood; back again for another year. Full of family entertainment, the circus includes acrobats, animals, stunts, clowns, and much more!
Coronas family are 4th generation of circus performers working in Europe until 1951 bringing their show to America in 1952. Going strong after 60 years and still innovating and bringing the highest quality shows and equipment to the American Public.

Featured in the 2003 movie “Big Fish” with Danny Devito, Jessica Lange, Albert Finney and Ewan McGregor, Directed by Tim Burton where Coronas family circus provided all circus acts, animals and equipment as well as providing circus technical support

Puppetone Rockers

The Puppetone Rockers captivate audiences with laughter, screaming back audience participation, super positive messages, Great cast of characters, and pure talent.

universal championship wrestling

October 10th and 11th - 2pm Bell Time.


Georgia State Fair

1500 US 19, Hampton, GA 30228